Doctrine & Covenants 89: 18-19

"And all saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones; And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures."



By Ember

I just got back from the gym. This was an enlightening morning, due in part to me dumping some 'questionable' songs from my playlist. I didn't realize they fell into this category until I had them 'in my ear'. I am not the sort to purposely listen to below standards music but had left them on there like a dummy. I filled up my playlist with revival hymns. I know, doesn't sound like good quick tempo-ed music. And it really wasn't but it did give my mind a chance to meditate as I repetitiously worked on the elliptical machine.

I have another question for you today as I absolutely love reading your responses.

What are you doing all of this for? I mean really. What is it that truly absolutely motivates you to change; to continue on; to work through the struggle and pain that sometimes accompanies life? Why do you fight to improve your life, your health? I am not necessarily talking about your eternal perspective here. Of course, that is a HUGE part of it and I mean in no way to downplay or degrade that. But sometimes, at least to me, it seems so abstract. It's hard to focus on something like that at times when there are just soooo many distractions. There are just too many things I feel I should be doing and I feel like I'm failing much of the time. I don't want to feel that way. I recognize it is a tool that satan (yes, I meant to not capitalize that and never do) uses against me. I want to remove that power from him. The only way I've found that I can is to get to work. Well, sometimes getting to work seems extraordinarily difficult without a motivating factor. I am a goal oriented, passion driven person. I have to know why I am doing something. I have to feel it. It's a strength that can also be a weakness when I lose my focus. I have been struggling with the latter and praying to find new focus and reason to continue on. The answers were not really coming, even with a temple visit included. Why was I doing all of this? The homeschooling, home cooking, food storing, money saving, exercising? Why?!? It is so hard to keep up with and I feel so behind and failing. I had lost my vision for my life and that of my family's which was once so clear.

(I don't mean I won't walk blindly, in faith. I just know for me, having a sense of purpose makes all the difference.)

Today, on that elliptical machine while texting with my brother 600 miles away, it hit me. You know the kind. The 'feel-it-tingle-from-head-to-toe-but-somehow-equally-quiet, almost DNA changing, resolution kind. It's not even a new revelation, but I had lost the 'feeling' of it.

I am doing all of this so that I am AWAKE, as the scriptures admonish us to be, and PREPARED! I am determined to be strong enough to not only endure the last days, but to endure them well. And strong enough in all area's of my life.

I had forgotten that Heavenly Father, truly does bless every effort to improve ourselves and will magnify that.

I can't express how encouraged I am to be surrounded by like-minded women, even if it is only through a computer. I am strengthened by you. Your focus, your passion, your gifts and work ethic truly amaze me. We are a part of something wonderful. Yes, scary at times, but truly awesome. We get to do this together! We aren't Noah or Enoch. We aren't alone with our little families. Isn't that incredible?

Why are YOU doing this? (Whatever your 'this' may be.)


  1. I started to focus on our health primarily for my better half. For a year now the doc has told him that he is pre-diabetic. I cant tell you how much that scares me. He is my better half and best friend, my strength and my stability. I would not do well with out him. Oh yeah and my whole thyroid/lossing my hair thing. And I am tired of being heavy.

    I am fortunate enough to have a bishop who tells us why and how to be better. He admonishes us to read our scriptures everyday. We wouldn't go out into the world in just our unders, why would we go out into the world without the full armor of God? He admonishes us to pray several times a day. How can we know Him if we don't communicate with Him? Why would we do anything He asks us to if we have no idea what He wants for us and from us?

    Last but definitely not least, I do this because of the promises attatched to the commandments. I cling to the Word of Wisdom and count on those blessings. I attend the temple because He teaches me new things everytime I go. I read my scriptures because I love learning about Him and His love for us as humans. I do my food storage because if I am prepared I will not fear. I think on the eternities. I want to be with my family forever. I want to return to Him. I want to meet my ancestors and the pioneers who have gone on before. I want to stand with the Saints in these last days. I want to be a force for good. At the end of my life I want to run into Jesus's arms and have Him say "Well done thou good and faithful woman".


  2. I usually don't realize a song's questionable until my kids are listening or, heaven forbit, singing the awful words. Or when my daughter says "this song has bad words in it, too!" Yikes.
    I don't capatize it, either! LOL
    And AMEN to the rest. How empowering to know that we CAN be awake and prepared, and that we have the opportunity to be as awake and as prepared as we can manage. I love this blog!!!

  3. First, the morning you posted this, I was talking to Woody about changing the music on my MP3 player. Suddenly I am more sensitive to questionable lyrics. On to 'why'. I am doing 'this' because I am worth it. 'this' in my case, is living a better life. Doing what I can to become closer to the Lord and to shut off "that" voice telling me I can't do things, that I am not good enough. I, as a daughter of our Heavenly Father, am worth the work I am doing physically, mentally and Spiritually, and so is my family.(hopefully this doesn't sound too conceited.)

  4. I have chills reading what each of you three ladies wrote. I can truly see how Heavenly Father is positioning his army in the fight for righteousness. I am so pleased you feel empowered.

    It is amazing to see how unique and individual all of us are. I love that we aren't cookie cutter versions of each other but that we share a sense of purpose in knowing that we are special and 'worth it'. I love this!!!

    Thank you each for taking the time to think about this and then to write it here. This really has been such a blessing to me.

    God Be With You!!! You truly are awesome!

  5. I am fighting the fight(literally to keep my family together, build a celestral marriage, and have heaven in my home) because I want to win the prize. I want to become who I am,(was before I came to this earth.) I know who I am and I what my family to know who they are. I want to be a mother who knows.
    Its a tough battle, but we know how it will end and I want the prize. I want my famliy forever!
    So if one can keep the faith and put up a good fight, even though it feels like I am slugging in through deepest mud puddle at midnight most days. I know the dawn will come. I have a hope in Christ. I have come to awaken too to a brighter remeberance of his love for each of us.
    I want to be healthier, be patient, be the wife of my husbands dreams, be a midwife..... because I know God gives us no commandments without preparing the way.
    I can do all things in Christ.

  6. Oh, Mommymjen, how I miss you! If we could only freeze time so we could have time to sit together again and 'solve the problems of the world'. You can and will do it!!! I have no doubt. Knowing you are out there and raising the leaders you are makes me so happy and gives me such a sense of security. Thank you so much for your response!!!

  7. I don't even know where to start.
    I homeschool because I want the best for my children. I want them to have the Light of Christ in their life everyday and I don't feel they can do that if they spend everyday IN the world and then bring the world home with them.
    We eat healthy because I want what is best for myself and my family. I want us all to live long happy healthy lives. I want to feel good. I also strongly believe in the Word of Wisdom.
    I do whatever I can to live a Christ like life. I want to feel the Spirit daily. I want to feel Heavenly Fathers love all the time. I have lived the other life where I didn't do or feel any of this, and it is a scary dark lonely world. A place I NEVER want to go back to and I also don't want any of my loved ones to ever experience what I did.
    I want to be someone people can be proud of. But mostly, I want to be proud, not ashamed, of myself.
    I want to enjoy everyday of my life and for me, I feel this is the way to make it happen.

  8. Thanks Ember. I needed to hear that. So much is trying to drown us right now.
    But we will when We shall not can not give up the fight!
    Iam so glad you are out there too. And if we could freeze time and fortify ourselves and our families. We could have an edge. But wait we do have an edge the Lord is on ourside.
    I miss you so much too.
    I am grateful you are who you are it gives me strength to hear your testimonies.
    Thank you.

  9. Thanks for this post! It definitely helps strengthen my resolve to become my best self. I sometimes struggle with thoughts that make me think, "What's the point?" I find much in common with what has been posted as far as what motivates me and keeps me going, but reading also helps my mind to come up with my own "personal" reasons and enlightens me. Thanks


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