Doctrine & Covenants 89: 18-19

"And all saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones; And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures."


Good Stuff

By Ember

When I started using essential oils, I was very fortunate to be able to order some from a Primavera distributor but have not been able to find one since that time. I've found the quality of these oils to be unequaled. The smell is the purest I've ever experienced and I hate to say it, but every other brand has been a bit of a disappointment in comparison.

Today, I was emailed some great news and want to pass it on. Primavera Essential Oils are now available online! They are more costly but worth every bit of the difference. Check them out. If you were to purchase one oil for everyday use, I would recommend Lavender. For food storage, I suggest Oregano Oil. Maybe if we ask nicely, Sassafrass will tell us why we should have these in our health arsenals.


I love pizza, but I have only purchased store pizza a handful of times in the last three years since I discovered this dough recipe. We have pizza nearly every Friday night but we make it and add as many nutritious ingredients as we want.

Pizza Dough

2 C. warm water
2 Tbls. yeast
2 Tbls. sugar
2 tsp. salt
Mix together and let sit for 5-10 minutes to make a sponge.

4 C. flour (I use 2 C. white and 2 C. wheat)
Mix well and knead for a couple of minutes to a nice smooth consistency. Add more flour as necessary. (Fresh ground wheat tends to have more moisture and will require more flour).

Let rise for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 400*. Divide into two balls and roll out on floured surface or right on the pan, if you're tricky like that. I use a baking stone and a perforated pan for cooking pizza. I pre-cook the dough for 7 minutes on the stone and for 3 minutes on the perforated pan before adding toppings . Add sauce and toppings. Bake until cheese is melted.

I have cooked this for many guests and it's a hit!

UPDATED! This makes two crusts. It works just as well cut in half if you only need to make one pizza.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

By Sage

I've discovered my new favorite breakfast, and I LOVE breakfast! When left to my own devices (In other words, when I don't have to wake to an alarm clock, which is... let's see... almost never...) then I wake up hungry. However, mornings are very busy for me, ergo I don't have time to make a gourmet meal. So what I've started doing lately I can do quickly, and it sticks with me for hours without feeling heavy or making me feel guilty.

1 cup water
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup Bob's Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal
Handful of Old Fashioned (not quick) oats
Dried Blueberries
Almonds & Pecans chopped into largish chunks
Skim Milk (or soy milk, or rice milk, or nut milk, or whatever you use)

Bring the water and salt to a boil. Add the 10 Grain cereal and oats, stir well, reduce heat and cook until water is all absorbed, stirring occasionally. Transfer cereal to bowl and throw in the amount of fruits and nuts you desire. Add milk to taste, and drizzle a little honey over the top.

Yum! I get the dried blueberries at Costco, and they're so wonderful for cereals, muffins, etc. Chock full of antioxidants, those! They're probably available at many health food stores, too. I've also found that when I'm really pressed for time, I can throw the nuts and fruits into a bowl of Raisin Bran, Smart Start, or some other whole grain cold cereal, which makes it much more satisfying and nutrient-rich.

You've got to start somewhere, why not with breakfast? Chuck that Captain Crunch, those Pop Tarts, and even that Sausage Egg McMuffin in the garbage where they belong, and do something good for yourself!


Antibacterial All-purpose Cleanser Recipe

By Sweet Basil

Up to 1 teaspoon antiseptic essential oil, such as lavender or tea tree
2 teaspoons borax
1/2 teaspoon liquid soap, such as biodegradable Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds
2 cups hot water

Combine all of the ingredients in a labeled spray bottle and shake well. Spray onto surfaces and let sit for 15 minutes or so before wiping with a clean, dry cloth.

This was made for enrichment tonight. It smells great with the tea tree oil. I am going to start using it. I will let you know how well it works.


Trials and Tribulations - Sassafrass

So I need to appologize for what you are about to read. As I read over it before I published it I thought, "Man, what is my problem?" Maybe it's that I'm sick and tired. Yes that's it, that's going to be my excuse. So I am sorry for the whine and yes, I would love some cheese to go with it. Only if it's good, though. Not like Swiss and not stinky either. (See? Whiney!! I crack myself up.)

Why is it so easy to do what is wrong? Or maybe I should say why is it so easy to NOT do what is right? In my last post I said that I was going to start a green smoothie experiment. I did have the best intentions and it did work for me for the first day. (What is that saying about the road being paved with good intentions?) I actually did really well and lost 3.4 pounds, which in and of itself is pretty miraculous. My body just does not do that. I can gain a pound or two, no worries, but losing that much in one day? Forget it. So, you would think that I would keep doing it, right? Nope, not me. It seems that the minute I say something out loud, it and all of my good intentions fly right out the window, door, or the universe for that matter. Do you think that I can motivate myself to get back on a mostly raw diet? (Even if I only did it for one day) Nope, not me.

As for my family? I get a fair amount of grief from them too: mostly my husband. He fusses a lot but then gags the smoothies down. I have only made one smoothie for my kids and they did drink it down without much lip. And I really haven't made dinner since. What is wrong with me? It's easy for me to say 'forget it' because all I get is grief no matter what I fix. So why bother at all? Man I am whiney today.

More trials and tribulation have come upon my family. This last week my husband was told that he has the mumps. Yep, you read that right. I asked the doc, "How on earth is that possible?" He said that when we were getting immunizations, they weren't as strong as they are today and we only got one shot. Nowadays the immunizations are much better and they get two shots. Even then, 2% of those immunized will still get the mumps if they are exposed. Husband initially went in because he had a rash, fevers, and it turns out, a sinus infection. The next week he had the swollen glands. It was then that doc figured it out. Although we have not gotten the labwork back with the confirmation, we are pretty sure it is the mumps.

Then, because he had the cold/sinus infection, I somehow managed to get it too. Which is a little weird to me. For the past year, maybe longer, I have been using my essential oils on a consistent basis and have not gotten sick, even when my kids brought home strep throat three times. I am prone to get that and then it would turn into a sinus infection for me. Then about a month ago I started learning about and using herbs. So I thought there was no way that I would get it, but sure enough I did. What gives?

Sometimes I feel that Satan sure is working on me. I do really well for a little while and then..... Isn't it always the "and then?" Although I am in no way, shape or form even remotely ready for the millennium I can't help but wish for it to come. If, for just a short time to have a reprieve from his ever-present, constant, consistent, searching, relentless, prying, slimy fingers.


Where to Start? - Part 1

By Ember

*See disclaimer on right hand side.

One of the questions I am asked most often is, "Where do I start?" This, unfortunately, is not a one size fits all answer but I will try my best to bring it to a 'lowest common denominator' and work up. It will take a few posts to accomplish. I am far from an expert and need to take my own advice lots of the time. Here are a few goals to keep in mind: Be willing to change a little, be honest with yourself, try something new, and pray for help. I am a 'foodie.' I live to eat. I love food, so food is naturally my first area of focus. Whenever I need to do some diet tweaking, I've had the best success when I begin my plan with a fast. I love to fast. I love the sense of empowerment I get from telling my body who's boss.

I had a friend who came to visit and suggested we eat out - for every meal. Then it occured to me that she was afraid of my food. I wasn't even suggesting things that were weird. She was convinced that she wouldn't enjoy french toast made from whole wheat bread and homemade syrup or banana muffins made with whole wheat flour. She would make comments like, "My kids won't eat that," or, "I don't want you to go to any trouble," knowing full well that I love to cook for a crowd. So in compromise, since my kids and I were all was sick after eating twice in a row at a restaurant, I bought a loaf of white bread to make french toast with for her kids. Lo and behold, guess which pile they ate from?!? The whole wheat one. So I said to my friend, "Your kids seem to like it. No offense, but I think the problem lies with you." She agreed. (By the way, her kids also devoured the banana muffins and my friend took the recipe home with her.) This was very enlightening for her and she went home and began to make many changes in her family's diet.  The next time they came for a stay, she was very willing to let me cook for her.

This is what I mean about being honest. I think it's vital for parents not to push their food preferences off on their children. Your kids may love something that you hate. For instance, I don't care for raw tomatoes. My husband and kids love them so there are usually tomatoes in the house. I have been trying to like them too. (Implying that I eat them when I can diguise them.)

Start where you are. Meaning - if you eat all processed food (i.e. mac and cheese, frozen corn dogs, boxed sugary cereal, frozen lasagna and McDonald's), change one thing there. Maybe focus on breakfast. Begin by eating whole grain cereal like oatmeal or a multi-grain (like Bob's Red Mill 7 Grain)even if you have to load on the sugar to get your family to eat it. It is still a better choice (for now) because it's not as processed, has few to no additives/chemicals, and has a lot of fiber. I alternate hot cereal and eggs for breakfast. We enjoy pancakes or french toast occasionally as well, which leads me to my next point

If you are junk food addicts, start to make your own junk. This will eliminate some of the chemicals found in the the storebought stuff. Plus, it just tastes better! Check out an ingredients list on the premade breads or cookies at your local grocer's bakery. It's ridiculous! So make your own cookies, cakes, muffins, and breads. This will ensure that you are eating foods you can pronounce. For grins, throw in some healthy foods, like banana, strawberries, nuts or shredded zucchini. Use a little whole wheat flour instead of all white. Make your own syrup from maple flavoring or fruit with a little sugar added. Aim to make your junk less junky. I invested in a bread machine and this helped immensely. You can find them for less than $10 at your local thrift store, usually in near new condtion. If you are in need of recipes, please contact me at, or google it.

If you eat out a lot, begin to make informed choices. I have looked up the nutritional information on different fast food websites to see how nutritious (or not) our favorite meals are. I found that most of the items I would have considered more healthy were actually the least healthy. like the chicken menu items, for instance. They usually had the most calories and highest fat content. Beginning to eat more consciously is going to be a requirement if you want to nourish your body more often than you feed it. Everything you put in your mouth has an effect. EVERYTHING. It will either increase or decrease your health to some degree. Don't let yourself be fooled into thinking, a little won't hurt. That, for me, has always led to more bad food choices and the damage becomes accumulative. Just be honest about it. Consciously recognize that you are harming yourself. In the beginning you will probably choose to eat you favorite junk anyway, but this won't last forever. This is part of living a holistic life.

Let's forget for a moment about weight and focus on health. If your diet consists of mostly low/no fat, low calorie, diet foods I encourage you to take a good honest look at the ingredients list. You are very likey not eating real food. I have had an ongoing argument with a family member who thinks that she's choosing the lesser of two evils by eating diet food even though she realizes how many chemicals there are in it and how little nourishment it contains. She fully believes that her wieght is more damaging to her health than the food is. I will respectfully disagree. And let me point out, I personally don't know anyone who is thin who eats pre-made 'diet food.' In order to make those foods taste good, a lot of chemicals are added. Some of these chemicals are addictive. (Google Monosudium Glutumate, for instance, just for kicks.) That's the real problem with food, right? We have to eat. But we are easily addicted to what we eat. Alcoholics can safely avoid alcohol for the rest of their lives and be better off for it. A food addict? You'd last about three weeks without eating. So therein lies the rub. When my diet is mainly comprised of whole (nature made, W Of W sanctioned) foods, the feeling of  being compelled or addicted largely goes away. Sugar cravings for me are the worst but only last about 4-5 days if I don't give in. Fruit can make a nice substitute. I fully realize and agree that the nice full feeling after eating a couple pieces of cake (you know, before the guilt sets in) can't be beat by eating a large salad. But when health is my focus, I am compelled to make good choices for my body and those whom I have the responsibility to feed. These suggestions are what I have found works best for me. It has been a very slow and gradual process, but completely amazing to look back and see the progress my family has made and the impact on our health. Interestingly, weight is only a real issue for me when I'm eating too much fake food.

I have also had my best sucess when I plan out my menus in advance (like a week or two) and rotate them so I always know what we are going to have. It makes it so easy to budget and shop for food when you know exactly what you'll need. This keeps me from making a fast food run because I don't know what to make. I like to include at least two vegetables at dinner. I make smaller main dishes and include more sides, like salad, beans, or fresh whole wheat rolls. Most of us enjoy feeling full, so if we are full of nutritious, naturally low calorie foods and topped off by the less nutritous food we trick ourselves into better health and changed habits.

So here's a place for some of you to begin. In the comments, I'd love it if you'd share your goals. I will start. I will also post a couple of recipes about which I've had very good feedback.

And don't forget - every effort you make is blessed!



By Sage

For any of you who may find the idea of running intimidating, daunting, or just plain scary, I've discovered that Daniel Dreyer has also written a book entitled Chi Walking which may be a great place to start out! Now I haven't read this one, but after reading Chi Running I feel like I can wholeheartedly endorse anything that the man writes. Go for it! Let's just get up and get our booties moving!


Word of Wisdom Backwards

By Ember

First - Welcome new readers! Please leave a comment, as we'd love your input on topics you'd like to see written about and your feedback on the things we do write. What do you have to teach us? What are you doing to better your health?

Now - On to the 'meat.'

I have included a link to the Word of Wisdom Backwards. The information is very interesting in my opinion. And I must add, it's not always well received. The first part is the author, Joyce Kinmont's, interpretation of the W of W. It's an eye opening, verse by verse, view. The rest is statements from the prophets. I came across this many years ago and it was a bit of a shock. I have loved discussing this with people.

Would you please read the short article and then read the rest of this post?



Please don't run away screaming because I brought up the 'meat' subject. This seems to be the topic that stands out the most after people read the Word Of Wisdom Backwards, so I will focus my thoughts on it. I realize that I run the risk of having you skip over every post that includes 'By Ember' under the title, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Feel free to pass over me. The other women have very valuable information to pass on to you.

I wasn't trying to trick you. Well, maybe I was a little bit. Please forgive me; I find that most people won't read the quotes any other way. I'd love to hear your (respectful) thoughts on this subject after you have read and pondered the quotes of our leaders.

Here are mine: I'm not here to promote a vegetarian diet. I do still eat meat. It’s probably less than most but more than I feel I should. Our stomachs produce acid (is the acid produced in the stomach or somewhere else?) that is tailor made for digesting animal proteins. Healthy meat contains some healthy nutrients not found anywhere else. But I have tried to incorporate more meals that are meatless and plant rich. My goal is to eat meat only once or twice a week. It will not been an easy task, especially because the change involves my husband, who would love to eat meat for every meal. (Actually, in truth, he doesn't have the desire for it like he used to and finds that it doesn't always agree with him anymore.) When I was young, I tried to be a vegetarian but my father wouldn't stand for it. He is a very good man, and used the W of W as his basis for putting his foot down. He was convinced that a diet involving animal protein was superior. I wonder, though, what would happen if more people were simply aware that prophets have encouraged us to eat little meat and that some were vegetarians themselves? If my children felt compelled to be vegetarians, I would try my best to support/encourage them. I would also make sure that they understand the different nutritional needs they would have and make those foods as available as possible.

I apologize if you're feeling a little sideswiped. I have felt that way many times as I am reprogrammed towards a *holistic life. By taking baby steps, and praying for the changes I can make right now, I have managed to make many improvements over the last 10 years. I know that you can too. I also know that it is completely worth it.

*holism - A theory or belief emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.

My next few posts will be about the lifestyle changes that my family has made, how we've transitioned and been able to afford them, and how to not be so discouraged while making the changes.

"Let me plead with you, search the Word of Wisdom prayerfully. Do not just read it, search it prayerfully. Discover what our Heavenly Father gave it for. He gave it to us with a promise of longer life and happiness, not if we fail to observe it, but if we observe it." - George Albert Smith, 8th President


The Look

By Ember

One thing that I somehow never get used to is the Look. You know the one. The blank, sorta glassy stare that some people give you when you mention anything about holistic health. (If you don't know what the look looks like, you may be the one giving it, heehee.) I get it all the time. It's almost as fun, not to mention original, as hearing the comment, "My, you've got your hands full." Basically what it seems to imply is, "You're crazy." (Or led astray.) Should I tell them that we don't watch TV? Naaaa, don't want to hurt anybody.

Well, if stepping off the conveyor belt of life is considered crazy, I suppose I deserve to be committed. Nearest looney bin, here I come.

Seriously, I am not satisfied with the Standard American Diet (SAD). I am not cool with checking my brain and intuition at the clinic's door and accepting whatever my doctor says, especially after he spends, what, like 3 minutes half listening to me. I don't want to be dependent on medication. I'm not convinced that my family's best interest is at heart when a new drug or vaccine is 'fast tracked.' The idea that in the name of cleanliness my house needs to be full of toxic chemicals repels me. I want my family to be nourished more often than they are fed. I want to limit my little childrens' exposure to the outside world's influence, so that when they are 'out in the world' they are still sensitive to its evils.

Yes, I know. I'm completely off my rocker.

But, I have found that if I choose a response that will most easily make it possible for the Lookers to change their minds, they are much more likely to do so. Oftentimes people will come back to me with their concerns and questions. Sometimes my passion can get in the way. It takes a real effort to make it less painful for them to rethink their beliefs (with their pride still intact) but I ultimatley don't care as much about being 'right' as I do about promoting health. I've got a lot of room to improve, but it's the goal.

I wholeheartedly believe in Dr. Christopher's vision that "we need an Herbalist in every home and a Master Herbalist in every community". Why? That is a post for another day, but suffice it say, I think it's a great idea to use 'medicine' that has been around for millenia and doesn't require a prescription. I know that the scripture found in Alma 46:40 is a treasure. "And there were some who died with fevers, which at some seasons of the year were very frequent in the land—but not so much so with fevers, because of the excellent qualities of the many plants and roots which God had prepared to remove the cause of diseases, to which men were subject by the nature of the climate." (Emphasis added.)

I sincerely hope to pass the scriptures' vision of health to others, especially to those in the church who have been given such pure doctrine on the subject. Herbs are just a small part and wouldn't be as necessary if we focused on prevention and not just treatment. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and to learn more.

(By the way, I have been able to turn my passion for holisitic living into a class for enrichment and it has been very well attended and received in two different wards. You may want to find out if there's any interest in yours. Don't worry if you don't know much. All the group needs is an organizer. I have learned so much myself from doing this and found many like-minded people to surround myself with.)

Like we've said, and will continue to say: every effort is blessed.

Run, Run, as Fast as You Can!

By Sage

I'm a complete novice about many of the topics covered by this blog, but I'm learning, and therefore I'm excited. Ember asked me to contribute for two reasons: 1) I'm one of the top five smartest people that she knows [Hee, hee, just kidding everybody! Let's don't add "my own horn tooting" to my profile, please.] and 2) I absolutely love to work out and have successfully lost significant weight and maintained that weight loss for going on four years now. My area of expertise in our mission statement is the part where we proclaim, unequivocally, that our bodies were created to be in motion. I can't say enough good things about regular, energetic exercise. I could go on and on in any number of posts (and let's face it--I probably will) about the myriad health benefits, the psychological and emotional improvements, the weight control perks and the overall awesomeness of being very physically active. I like to remember the part of Doctrine & Covenants 89 that promises we can "run and not be weary, and walk and not faint." To me, that's the Lord's plug for excercise, and I take it very seriously. Movement is a crucial part of your Temple Maintenance program. Yes, diet and nutrition play a big role as well, but that's another post.

What I wanted to blog about (you know, that word should really be spelled 'blahg' as in 'blah, blah, blah, blah' because honestly isn't that what we're actually doing?) today was that I just finished the most incredible book: an absolute must-read for anybody who has run, is currently running, or thinks that someday they might consider the possibility of taking up running. The book is titled Chi Running by Daniel Dreyer, and is basically a holistic approach to running. He teaches everybody, from beginners to ultramarathon-ers and everyone in between, how to run without injury or fatigue, and how to approach the sport as a lifestyle, not just a workout. He uses the principles he has learned in Tai Chi, and applies them to running with an honest, informative, and downright entertaining writing style. I was riveted, and I'm generally not into the self-help book genre. You've got to read it. Really. It will teach you how to work with your body, and with natural forces, to stay healthy and avoid the many pitfalls commonly associated with running. Go get it! And go get 'em!

Here's to you.


Skin Care to Glow About

By Ember

I received an email newsletter from Dr. Mercola today that had an article about thyroid health in it. I wanted to pass it on. It is worth five minutes of your time as it hits some of the most important changes we can make along with our food intake. Our bodies' chemical balance is something worth major effort in keeping healthy. It controls everything!!! So whether you suspect you (or a loved one) is suffering from a type of chemical imbalance or are wise enough to want to prevent an imbalance, please check this informative article out.

In my quest to eliminate more chemicals and soy products (which is NOT a health inducing product unless fermented), I recently discovered a recipe for making my own facial moisturizer. I have struggled with acne since I was 11 and I have to tell you that this formula is making my skin look healthy and feel balanced, which is something not easily acheived in my case! Not only does my skin look better, I am so excited to have eliminated a lot of toxic chemicals that I have saturated my skin with for the last couple of decades. My husband and my oldest child are also using it and don't have any complaints.

So here's how I made it: 4 tsp. pure aloe vera gel (about $8) and 1 tsp. jojoba oil (pronounced ho ho ba) (about $6), which is considered safe for all skin types. Mix well. I have added a tiny little vitamin E oil to mine as well. Some nights I add a drop of lime essential oil, which is good for acne and smells fabulous. Tea Tree oil would also work but I have found it to be too drying for my skin. I store it in a small glass jar. This needs to be made in small quantities (just like most homemade cosmetics) since it doesn't contain any preservatives (thank goodness).I purchased these ingredients from Natural Grocers (formerly Vitamin Cottage). BTW- Aloe acts as a natural sunblock for some people. Just be careful when adding citrus essential oils (EO) as they are photosensitive and can cause you to burn more easily. Also, products made with EO's should be stored in glass containers as EO's are incredibly strong and can eat through plastic. This product is a little expensive up front but will make so much product that it is way less in the long run, especially if you compare it to the average face moisturizer's monthly cost.

For all over moisturization, I often use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. This is something that I cook with and I just scoop some out into a glass dish and keep it in the bathroom. EVCO is amazing stuff. I've attached an article about Coconut Oil which discusses the bad rap that it has received. It's actually part three in a series that I would highly recommend making a study of, especially if you want to learn about a fat that promotes weight loss! I recently discovered a new brand and I LOVE it!!! It is by Jungle Products. It has a completely pure scent and tastes fantastic. Some people in my family like to eat it by the spoonful. I have only found it at Sunflower Market, so far, though. I will work on finding another source.

I thoroughly enjoy finding ways to save money and increase my health. It makes me feel good to use products made by my own hands and positively giddy when they turn out to be far superior. "Our bodies know how to be healthy. We just have to get rid of the interference."

*Links to said resources are embedded within post. Click on words that are a lighter color to be automatically redirected to the site.


My Journey - Sassafrass

By Sassafrass

I am not sure where to start exactly. My major influences for simple, healthy living have been a friend and family member. I used to think, "Well, you all are kind of out there! If that's what you want to do, fine, but leave me out of it." Then I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. All turned out well enough. I was pretty fortunate as I didn't have to have chemo or radiation. I just had to have my thyroid surgically removed and now I have to take a synthetic replacement the rest of my life. Pretty easy, considering. Then my body never went back to the way it was before my thyroid issues, which caused a myriad of ailments: weight gain, period problems (more than normal), hair loss, mood changes, the list could go on and on.

Immediately after the surgery my hair started falling out hasn't stopped but for a short time since. Amazingly, I am not bald like I thought I would be by now. Go figure! I have talked to my doctor several times about it and get the same answer: "It is not your medication." Well, my hair didn't fall out before and it gets worse when the dosage changes. But what do I know?

Then last summer at a family camping trip we all kind of got a little sunburned, some of us more than others. So out came the coconut oil and some other essential oils (I don't remember which ones). Then began the discussion of what oils would work best for each of us. That was my cue. Happily, I fell headlong into essentials oils, which I love. A friend teases me saying that I had better check myself before I stand at the pulpit and bear my testimony of my oils, which I totally could do. However, that is frowned upon by our leadership so I guess that I won't. That is how I got my hair to stop falling out briefly before the last dosage increase. I use oils every day, some on my face, some in my toothpaste, some for female support and some for the other random things that come up.

Since then I have had several conversations with people about nutrition and health issues. I have come to the conclusion that a lot, if not most, of our health issues (ie: my thyroid cancer, infertility, allergies, etc) was/is caused by the foods we put into our mouths. So I have started learning about raw, whole, and living foods. I am so excited. I love making my brain bigger. I am so very new to all of this that all I can tell you is start reading. The library, the Internet and friends are the resources that I use.

I have started my own green smoothie experiment. I'm not sure how well it will go over but I am going to fight through the arguments and frustrations to see if it will help. I started yesterday and ate mostly raw, whole foods and this morning I am down 3.4 pounds. That is something that my body doesn't do. I think it's because of my thyroid. Stupid thing. It controls everything. And I don't feel like I am starving my body. I eat when I am hungry and the food that I am putting in my mouth actually nourishes my body. All of it, not just the fat cells, weird!

I have tried Weight Watchers and a couple of other diets without any success. This summer I rode my bike nearly every morning for five to six miles with no physical changes. Yes, I am sure that my legs and lungs got stronger but I didn't lose a pound. I was so frustrated. If I only knew then....

I have been reading the last couple of nights in D & C 89 (Word of Wisdom). I always thought that we were fine because we weren't doing the things that it said not to. But then it was pointed out to me, all of the things it says to do. What truly amazing blessings, promises and information the Lord has given us. I am so grateful to be a part of this church and to have living prophets to lead and guide us.

So to follow the Lord's admonition, "Prove me now herewith," I am working on changing my thoughts and that of my family about food. I am conducting my own green smoothie experiment and I am moving toward a more healthy lifestyle. It isn't going to happen all at once, that is for sure, but I believe that every effort will be blessed. (Thanks, Ember.)


Knowledge is Power!

By Sweet Basil

Growing up my parents always told me that fevers are good. Our bodies are amazing and can take care of themselves if we just let them. This advice has always been in my head and I picture those sick, ugly germs being fried by the higher body temperature. I was also taught that if you bring that temperature down with a fever reducer then the germs will start growing again. What we really need to do is get lots of rest, plenty of fluids, and stay home so we don't give it to anyone else or catch other sicknesses while our immune system is working overtime. That said, I never researched it on my own until today.

My baby has had a fever since yesterday and I fought the feelings to give him medicine but feared the consequences of not doing the right things. Knowledge is Power! I studied and am now very confident in not medicating my baby and I now know the signs to look for to help me make decisions. My parents were right! By studying and staying in tune we will grow personally and our families will be blessed physically and spiritually.